When a woman is supported, the lives of a community have been enhanced. Ignited Light’s focus is directed towards single mothers of color. Its social justice initiatives improve systemic infringements incurred in BIPOC communities, gender notwithstanding. By providing services to women that transcend to other members of their households, Ignited Light’s community engagement makes it possible for them to improve the wellbeing of their families – mind, body, and spirit. In turn, the community benefits from the residual effects of a stronger family foundation.

The Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service Project

When signed into law thirty-seven years ago, the goal of the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday was not only to celebrate the man and his contribution to social justice, but to make the holiday a day of community service.  In keeping with the intentions of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s message to serve humanity, Ignited Light in partnership with local businesses, community advocacy organizations, and members of the Crenshaw community have come together to set aside a day to organize relevant services that are essential to sustain or improve physical and economical livelihood, free, to residents of the Crenshaw District and greater Los Angeles.  Since 2016, the services offered have included free immigration and landlord/tenant legal services, medical, dental, vision screenings, HIV/AIDS testing, employment services, and food distribution  Read more


The Social Justice Project

The Social Justice Project, a community service initiative of Ignited Light, seeks to develop a proactive educational approach through community for emerging leaders ages 14 – 25.  The purpose of the program includes dialogue pertaining to nonviolent demonstration versus peaceful protesting, political organizing, voter rights, legal rights, and leadership development.